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vitamin d deficiency



Vitamin B12 Deficiency: If hands and feet are visible then understand that there is deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body, start eating 5 things immediately


Symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency: Vitamin B12 is such a vitamin, which the body cannot make itself, so it is necessary to take it regularly through diet.




A nutrient or nutrient is a chemical that provides nourishment to living organisms and enriches their bodies. They build and repair tissues, they provide heat and energy to the body and this energy is necessary for running all the functions of the body. There are different ways of consuming nutrients. Where animals get this element from their food,


On the other hand, plants get them through their roots directly from the soil or from their environment. Some plants, which are called carnivorous plants, first digest insects, moths etc. outside with their digestive juices and then suck the nutrients obtained from them. The effects of nutrients depend on the dose taken.


vitamin d deficiency


Very low amount of Vitamin D in the body.

People get vitamin D through food and exposure to sunlight. For most adults, vitamin D deficiency is not a concern. Some, especially those with dark skin and adults over the age of 65, are at a higher risk of the condition.


Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency


  • General tiredness with fatigue and low energy
  • changes in psychological and emotional states, such as depression, sadness, and sadness
  • confusion, loss of appetite, and nausea
  • dizziness or fainting
  • digestive problems, such as diarrhea or constipation
  • hair loss
  • production of pores or wrinkles
  • Muscle loss in lactating women


5 foods will remove vitamin B12 deficiency


1. Meat: Meat (lamb meat, goat meat, chicken meat) is a rich source of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is found in large quantities in these.


2. Sea food: Sea food such as fish, fish oil, sea greens. 6 ounces of cooked salmon fish contains over 200% of the daily requirement for vitamin B12.


3. Milk and milk products: Milk, cheese, curd, ghee, etc. are also rich sources of vitamin B12. In one less milk, 46% of the daily requirement can be met.


4. Eggs: Eggs are a good source of Vitamin B12. You can eat it daily in the morning for breakfast. 46% of the daily requirement can be met in two large eggs.


5. Yeast Food: Vitamin B12 is also found in abundance in yeast food like bread, pasta, noodles etc.




DEFICIENCY = दोष (pr. {doSh} )(Noun)

Usage : These defects can be reduced to a great extent by taking proper care of them sympathetically.


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